This is one of my API research sites, focused specifically on the intersection of data and APIs. My name is Kin Lane, and I am the API Evangelist, working as hard as I can to understand the world of the Application Programming Interface, widely called an API. This network of API research projects all run on Github, and is my real-time workbench, which means there is a lot of finished work present, but occasionally you will also come across areas projects that are unfinished--you have stumbled in my data research, you will find the main API Evangelist site over here, with other links to my work.

How do I describe this research. It is the fundamental building block of the API world. I’m surprised that I am waiting until 2015 to publish this research. Data has been something I've tagged in my API monitoring since the early days of API Evangelist, and has become my catch-all bucket for everything related to well, data. ;-) It takes a while for things to come into focus when researching any area, and I think it will be some time to come before this data research stops producing new ideas, and interesting projects for the API space.

I’ve already carved out separate research projects for visualization and analysis, two significant areas driven by APIs, that I started targeted sometime ago. Data will remain my primary dumping ground for anything data and API related, until I see strong enough patterns to establish another research area. My goal is to just keep an eye on trends like open data, government, NGOs, and other interesting things being done with data and APis, and track it in real-time, to fuel my awareness of priorities and opportunities across all aspect of our digital worlds.

All my research is openly licensed CC-BY, and is meant to help grow the awareness around healthy API design practices. I try to be as fair as I can when covering companies, individuals, and the tools they provide, but ultimately you will notice I have my favorites, and there are some areas I only touch on lightly, for a variety of personal reasons. I try to stay as neutral as I can when it comes to technological dogma, and company allegiance, but after almost five years, I have some pretty strong opinions, and can’t help but try and steer, and influence things in my own unique way. ;-)